What You Should Know About Staffing Agencies

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If you are struggling to find a job, then looking for a job agency might help give you the search boost you need to locate the job you are after. The agencies are there for the benefit of workers and job seekers, and they handle everything involved in the interview and hiring process, in most cases. Some people are not comfortable in approaching a staffing agency because they may not be sure if the agency can do anything for them. There are a few key areas of job agencies to look at, before taking one or more on as your representatives in the job market

Who Pays the Agent?

It is important to find out who is meant to pay the agent that finds you a position within a company. Most agencies work on a basis of only getting paid if the person has found a job. Some will take part of your salary, while others get paid from the company who hires you. In the case where the company pays, you will most likely get the service they offer for free.

Is it Wrong to have more than One Agency Finding You a Job?

Definitely not, in fact it is advised that you employ more than one company to help you find a job, especially if the situation warrants. The only thing you need to do is to ensure that multiple copies of your resumes aren’t sent to the same job position. This will make you seem desperate. Inform each agent that is helping you that they need to notify you every time your resume is sent in to a company, to help avoid duplicate applications.


Why do Staffing Agencies need to Interview Applicants?

A staffing agency will interview a client to get a better understanding for how the person performs in an interview. They will then give tips on how the person might improve their interviewing skills. They also often look at your resume to see if there is anything you can improve on or add, based on your interview. This will help your resume match you as a potential employee better. The interview should be considered a practice interview where you can ask question you wouldn’t normally ask in a real interview.

What can an Agency do that You can not do by Yourself?

Many recruitment companies take the time to build relationships with companies that regularly hire new employees. They also get job opportunities, that they can offer their clients, that no other site or newspaper has. These exclusive jobs are only open to people that have signed up with the agency who has them. In these cases, the agency is privy to additional information about what it is that the company is looking for from a new employee. If the company hires someone on their own, through their own means, then the employee will be asked to go through the agency as there is a contract between the recruiters and company.

Can the Recruiters Handle the Contract Negotiation?

Some staffing agencies handle the contract negotiations while others only handle finding you the job and arranging the interview. If they do negotiations, then they will need to be in constant contact with you and the employer to act as a bridge between the two of you. It is useful to have them handle the negotiations, as they can be firmer with your demands than you might want to be to your future boss. They work in your best interest and will ensure that they get as many benefits as they can for you, before you accept any job position.

How Important is a Recruitment Agency in a Job Hunt?

If you have spent many hours looking for a new job unsuccessfully, then a staffing agency can greatly improve your chances of finding a job. They have available means to increase the number of jobs that they can find. They are able to find jobs easier, as they have the job channels open to them, including jobs that only go to agencies and are not open to the public. The amount of jobs that they can find is usually a much larger amount than a person can find on their own.

An agency job is no different from a normal job you may find yourself. There are usually more opportunities to be found when going through an agency. Staffing agencies are in place to help you find a job, in a tight job market. By making use of a good recruitment company, your job search might go far better and you might be placed in a job before you know it. Their experience allows them to aid you in the interview process and anything related to securing a job.



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