Using an Employment Agency: A Good Option These Days

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When an economy is not at its highest point, or even if you are just starting your job search, an employment agency is a good idea. Employment agencies review your skills, and experience, and pair you with the most suitable job positions. Working with a staffing agency can reduce the stress level of finding a position at a company on your own. It can enhance your chances of being placed in a top paying field if you have the right education and experience. If you are having troubles finding employment on your own, an employment agency can be the right path for you.

How Staffing Agencies Work

Employment agencies represent job seekers and match them with positions that fit their skill sets and experience. They also work with companies to ensure proper placement and adequate salaries. Employment agencies are also notified of specific positions that companies do not post on job boards or their website. Some businesses prefer going through a staffing agency, because the position can start out as temporary. If the temporary employee fits what the company is looking for then a permanent position is usually offered. To better your chances, ensure you describe in detail what you are looking for in a job, and even include what you do not want. For example if you do not want a job at a call center, you need to tell your representative that information so you do not waste time in a position you dislike.

Submitting Your Resume

When you submit your resume to a staffing agency, a representative usually contacts you within a few days to discuss the aspects of your resume, and what type of position you are looking for. They can also make recommendations on altering your resume or how to make it look more professional. When someone else reviews your resume, they can ask you questions to find skills you may have forgotten to include. If you work with a staffing agency, and still submit your resume independently to companies, you need to let your representative know. While they try and place you in positions, they need to know if you are applying to the same ones. If you apply to a position independently, the staffing agency will not submit your resume for that same job.


Skills Tests

Once you submit your resume to a staffing agency you will need to speak with a representative. After this initial discussion, they will usually make you take assessments to establish your abilities. The different tests you may have to take depend on the type of positions you are applying for. For example, if you would like to be considered a candidate for administrative positions, the staffing agency will most likely have you take a typing test to measure how many words per minute you can type. Other tests can include Microsoft Office skills or accounting programs if you have familiarity with bookkeeping. Also, if a company decides to interview with you, they may have your representative give you specified tests for that industry. Some agency exams can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you have not utilized the skills for a period of time. It would be in your interest to practice by taking free typing tests or skill tests online prior to taking the test with the agency.

Industry Specific

There are many staffing agencies available to job seekers. If you are just starting out in the workforce, going through a general industry employment agency could help in determining what you are looking for in a position. If you have a specific occupation and skill set, however, you should go through an industry specific staffing agency. They have agencies for bankers, accountants, administrative associates, human resources personnel, scientists, nurses or other medical positions, and even positions in manufacturing. Along with industry specific staffing agencies, there are also categories relating to your experience and availability. Temporary positions are good for someone figuring out what they are looking for in a career while still covering their finances. These jobs can turn into permanent positions over time if the candidate is the right fit. The other two type of staffing agencies are retained and contingent. Retained employment agencies are for executive positions, and the agency is paid even if the candidate is not hired. Contingent employment agencies get paid when a candidate is hired and generally represent low or mildly skilled candidates.

Utilizing the Agency

It is important to maintain communication with the agency, even when you are preparing for an interview your representative set up for you with a company. These representatives usually know the companies they staff quite well. It is in your interest to ask your representative questions to better understand the company’s needs. It will make you look prepared at the interview, and you will know what type of questions to ask and how to better answer questions asked of you. You can also ask your representative about benefit packages and potential salary, as sometimes they are somewhat aware of the range of both, especially if they have been working with the employer for a long time. If you do not get hired for the position your representative had you interview for, do not give up on the process of using a staffing agency. Remember they are the ones who got you the interview in the first place. Go over what happened in the interview with your representative, and find ways to improve your answers or questions.

Deciding to use a staffing or employment agency can be a good decision during your job hunt. You will have access to multiple open positions that you would not otherwise have, and you have someone representing you that knows the companies they are working with and what type of candidates are best suited for those positions. An employment agency representative can help match your job skills, experience, and education with an employer that will be a smart fit for both of you. Make sure to use all the resources available to you through an employment agency as it can help you in starting an exciting new career.


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