Unconventional Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Work

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The first time I ever worked out with a trainer at the health club I go to, he had me detail my regular exercise routine. He quickly spotted lots of repetition, and said I would never get the results I want, even though what I was doing was sound. He said it’s simply because many of the body’s physiological systems (e.g., the muscular system) adapt to an exercise program eventually. If we don’t modify our routine, we reach a plateau because our bodies adapt to the repetitive training stimulus. Guess what? The principle of adaptation applies to our brains too, leading to bouts of boredom at work if we don’t deliberately work to change or modify our routine.

I recently came across this blog post on the subject of breathing new life into old work from a guy by the name of Jonathan Mead, via his blog site Paid To Exist.

If we don’t modify our routine, we reach a plateau because our bodies adapt.

He writes, “Resistance sinks in like a battery that slowly drains every ounce of energy in your being. Inspiration is nowhere to be found — just the same old self-doubt and stuckness. You feel like one of those wind-up, key-turn dolls. Programmed to move toward inevitable defeat. Another blog post, email, phone call. Repetitive, tedious, uninspiring. Your work has gotten stale, and you desperately need something to shake things up. You long for the days when you first started, when you were excited, optimistic and hopeful.

That may be a tad bit dark and melodramatic, but you get the point.

Of course there are lots of things you can do to alter your routine. The editor at Fast Company writes in this blog post she recently decided to do something different by spending a day working at someone else’s desk.

Do something different by spending a day working at someone else’s desk.

Speaker and author Michael Kerr says to just take a deep breath. ”Many people come into work harried because they don’t leave enough time at home to deal with home stuff,’ he says to Forbes. “They’ve barely survived another stressful commute, and then they dive into the madness.”  Slowing down, taking a moment to pause, and creating a routine around centering yourself can work wonders, he adds.

Here are some ways to breathe life into your work from Jonathan Mead:

  • Pretend that nothing matters
  • Get off the screen
  • Give as if there’s no tomorrow
  • Act as if you know nothing about what you’re doing
  • Ditch your to do list
  • Play as if that quality is your unique superpower
  • Move your body
  • Stop being so serious
  • Get creative

Forcing yourself to try new things can be difficult, but there are rewards, for both your brain, and the rest of your body.

Do you have any tips for changing up the status quo?

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