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Most businesses in the staffing industry could make more money if they had more of their money. Funds could be used to hire more people or make payroll, etc.., purchase product and supplies at a discount, or generally increase sales. However, many staffing companies have thirty plus days of sales tied up in accounts receivable. Factoring solves that by funding cash on invoices immediately instead of having to wait thirty days, sixty days or more.


Accounts Receivable Line of Credit

Cash flow in a business is not always the same from day to day or week to week. Many companies have sporadic cash needs at different times in their business cycle. A Line of Credit using Accounts Receivable can smooth out cash flow and allow the business to be most efficient with its financial resources.


Inventory Financing

Carrying large product inventory to service staffing industry customers can create a cash flow problem. We can finance that inventory, along with the accounts receivable factoring, to reduce strain on daily cash flow.


Staffing industry Purchase Order Financing

If a staffing client experiences a significant delay between an order and its completion, their cash flow is affected. We can advance funds on a purchase order and when the invoice is created, finance the account receivable. The client will be able to pay the expenses and service their customer.


Accounts Receivable Management

Staffing Accounts Receivable Management Service for businesses and AR Assist for lenders are designed for situations where a staffing business does not need funding, but does need the professional accounts receivable management that a company with over six decades of experience like Transfac can provide.


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Transfac Capital

Factoring Companies is the Factoring is a department of Transfac capital. Since 1942, we have financed companies with Factoring solutions to of small to mid-size companies all across the United States.

Our customers work on the front lines of America’s growth sectors. These companies choose Factoring Companies because they need working capital, but are not able to obtain sufficient financing from their bank.

At Transfac Factoring our Factoring Department helps our customers to access the capital that is tied up in their accounts receivables. What’s more, with our simple and straightforward underwriting guidelines, most Factoring Companies customers receive written approvals in 30 minutes or less.

As a invoice financing company we have separated ourselves from all other Staffing industry factoring companies and lenders and by bypassing unnecessary paperwork customary in the Factoring and banking Industry.

At Transfac Capital Factoring you send us your invoices, and we pay you for them, We then collect payment from your customers. It’s that easy.

Call 800-316-4212 Today for invoice Staffing industry factoring today

Call and get a free, no-obligation quote and approval from Our Factoring department. Our underwriting guidelines allow most customers to receive written quickly. Once you are approved by Transfac Factoring we will schedule your first invoice financing. We can accommodate most time tables and even offer an expedited service for those in need of immediate cash. During the setup process, we will walk you through the agreement and have you send in your invoices and any related documents.

Receive cash today!

That’s all you have to do, Transfac invoice financing will deposit the money directly into your account. From this point forward, we will pay you the same day we receive your invoices.

Other Services

Accounts Receivable Financing We know that financing the growth of your business can be a challenge. New or established businesses selling on credit terms will eventually need more working capital because of growth. If your credit sales to commercial accounts have created a cash shortage in your business, then your company could consider utilizing our accounts receivable financing service.

Business owners realize that there is no need to borrow money from a bank in order to offer credit terms to customers. What is Accounts Receivable Financing? Receivable financing, also known as staffing industry factoring is a method used by businesses to convert sales on credit terms for immediate cash. Financing accounts receivable has become an additional business financing option obtaining flexible working capital for businesses of all sizes. The receivable credit line is determined by the financial strength of your customer (Buyer), not the client (you).

Accounts Receivable Financing is available in days, not weeks. Unlike other Factoring Companies, Transfac Capital makes receivable financing process is fast and reliable. Our decisions are not based on your credit or financial past. We make quick financial decisions on the invoicing process and the strength of the account debtor (buyer). We specialize in investigating financing accounts receivable and can make a prompt decision within a day or two. This financial process involves very little underwriting. The approval process is simple and we can release your funding in 3 to 5 working days. Our clients can enjoy the benefits of our prompt service and begin to use their funds within days of completing an application.

Asset Based Lending for Working Capital

Transfac capital can provide lending services based on existing assets of the business. This allows business owners to borrow financial funds by utilizing accounts receivable and inventory. This financial process is excellent for businesses which have plenty of assets to offer as collateral, but lack working capital in their business. .

Accounts Receivable

Businesses that sell on credit terms have a hidden asset that most owners do not realize can be used for collateral. Transfac Capital specializes in financing accounts receivable. The receivables are pledged as collateral and the business may draw cash against the eligible accounts receivable at any time. Accounts receivable financing, also known as staffing industry factoring is not a loan, so there is no need to make payments or create debt to your business.

Business Qualifications for Receivable Financing & Factoring

It sounds Hard, but accounts receivable Staffing industry factoring is a simple, popular method of business funding. Traditionally businesses leveraged company equity and assets to secure bank loans. This process can be cumbersome and take a long time – 30 days or more. Because of the long wait for loan approval, companies needed to find another, quicker means of funding. But how could a company circumvent standard time restraints and standard loan amounts? This is where receivable Staffing industry factoring benefits many businesses accounts.

What is Invoice Financing?

For over 4,000 years, people have used some form of Staffing industry factoring. Invoice Staffing industry factoring as we know it today is a type of business financing that allows businesses to circumvent traditional means of funding. Methods such as bank loans and private investments are less preferred because of their restrictive stipulations and their long approval times. To receive funding through this type financing, all you need are invoices that can be factored. Basically, you, the company, are selling your debt owed to you for money now.







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