Job Seekers: Staffing Firms = More Money

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Some job seekers believe working with a staffing supplier will result in more money, according to a recent survey by Addison Group.

It found 70 percent of job seekers planning to use a staffing firm believe they will get a larger salary and compensation package because of their relationship with a staffing firm.

The survey also found 46 percent of those using a staffing firm expect to get a salary increase of 10 percent or higher by working through a staffing firm. And 22 percent expect an increase of 20 percent or higher.

Addison’s survey included more than 1,000 U.S. workers — both employed and unemployed. It took place in June.

The increases expected by those using staffing firms compared to the average raise of 2013, according to the Addison Group citing another survey by Buck Consultants.

Staffing Industry Analysts conducted a survey last year in which contingent workers reported their hourly pay. CWS Council members can access the report here. Members also have access to a pay rate tool developed by Staffing Industry Analysts here.

Source –  Staffing Industry Analysts