How staffing agencies help small to midsize business in 2013

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It’s more than half way through 2013 and your company is at that in-between time where you would like to grow, but the capital isn’t there. We have seen more startup companies since the economic fall these last several years than ever before. We have also seen strong companies downsize and have to rebuild in a down economy. It has become essential for startup and surviving businesses to save money, and grow slowly utilizing the staffing industry.

The money that is needed for the growth goes beyond just hiring an extra hand or employee. You’ll need material, work station, phone, desk etc. Your investment for an additional employee(s) can be expensive. This is where a staffing agency might save you money. Staffing agencies pride themselves on getting you the right fit when it comes to your next employee. If you are searching the resumes sent to you from your ad in the classified, you might be not taking up valuable time that could be used doing something that your expertise is, but you’re taking a risk on hiring the wrong person for the job when it comes to qualifications. There are other benefits to hiring from a staffing agency you might not have considered.

First question is do you have to ask is, do you have the capital to pay the taxes, insurance, and other overhead costs that will come with a new hire. You can cut down your costs and gradually get to a permanent hire utilizing a staffing agency who will deal with these costs, leaving you to just worry about How to best utilize you temp employee, and work towards building a permanent position. Insurance would be the most expensive item, and in the late 2000’s it bankrupted several small companies in California due to 17% increase on workman comp costs.

Next question we mention is quality of the employee. Do you really have the time and money to find out your new hire is a great fit? Staffing agencies can cut down a lot of time and headache in this area, due to their knowledge based on previous successes. Your company at this point can’t risk a production decline on any level, so why not leave the decision of is the best candidate to the professionals. With this Type of support, you can bring on the next addition to your company with them “hitting the ground running” result.

Finally, relying on a staffing agency allows for flexible growth. Most staffing companies will help you gradually add your new hire to the mix without jumping your budget, and putting you in a hard financial situation. This gradual climb is the best way to keep your company expanding without getting under financially.

These are just a few thoughts on the benefits of utilizing a staffing firm to help expand your business. Take a look at where your financials are annual growth rate and look into using a staffing agency to help with both.