Hardware Finds a Home in Staffing and Recruiting

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Software gets a lot of attention in the recruiting industry these days, but hardware deserves its place too.

That’s been true for decades going back to the 1960s when mechanical retrieval systems provided an early version of today’s search algorithms.

I’m not a hardware guy myself yet there is no end to my fascination with gadgets, especially sensors and other devices that hook up to your mobile phone.

Whether you’re walking your dog using Fitbark or interviewing a candidate with TalentRooster or Skype, these devices are rapidly changing how we live.

Airlines have long used simulators for training pilots and flight attendants, but today costs have dropped so fast that applications abound.   In healthcare alone, there are more than 100k apps and 4.3 million downloads to help you train and perform patient care.

Wearable devices like the Fitbit which I’ve been using since early July (lost five pounds with it, thank you) are finding a home (literally) in helping hospitals monitor patient data.   LaMarEstaba writes about integrating that data with legacy hospital systems here.

Staffing companies are increasingly taking advantage of advances in time keeping devices to better serve their clients.  Slapping a simple swiping device onto a tablet makes for very smart time clock as I show in this video:

Despite software getting the most attention in the recruiting world, my guess is hardware will continue to change the business as well.

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