Facebook Is Worthless and Other Things You Can Learn from Kids

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I sat down with for some breakfast with my teenagers yesterday to get the lowdown on the big financial news story of last week which was Snapchat spurning Facebook’s offer of $3 billion cash buyout.

Privacy beats openness.  Scarcity beats abundance.

How is it, I wanted to know, that a tiny little startup with no revenue could be worth almost as much as say a global staffing company with billions and billions of dollars in sales?   And what would Facebook want that company for anyway?

And I got my answer.  It’s a shocker.  Wait for it Dad.   Wait for it.  Here it is: Teenagers want privacy.

And Facebook no longer offers privacy.  In fact, it violates it.  It’s the place where anyone – the NSA, your school authorities and, God forbid, your parents – can see straight into your soul.

Snapchat meanwhile offers privacy via its disappearing message platform.  That and the fact that no one over 30 can figure out how to use it.

There’s an important message in this for recruiters as well.  Privacy beats openness.  Scarcity beats abundance.

Don’t open your kimono.  Don’t dump your candy in the lobby.  Clients will pay dearly for important things they can’t get any other way.

Make scarcity and privacy your brand.

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