Cuts coming up, but MNR says Northwest will gain jobs

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A provincewide restructuring plan announced by the Ministry of Natural Resources will actually boost staffing levels in Northwestern Ontario, a ministry spokeswoman claims.
When all is said and done, Jolanta Kowalski said Wednesday, the region will have a “net increase of 36 positions” at regional and district offices.
Yet, on an individual basis, up to 31 staff are losing their jobs and nine others are to be relocated.
Staff facing layoffs are involved in digital mapping, communications, clerical and administrative, and resource management work, and include foresters and biologists.
“We are moving forward with the reorganization of our field office structure, science division and some corporate areas (as part of the MNR’s three-year transformation plan, announced in the 2012 Ontario budget),” Kowalski said.
The reorganization will result in a change in MNR staffing levels at some locations across the province.
But, she said, “between new positions and filling vacancies, MNR will actually have more staff in Northwestern Ontario compared to our workforce today.”
In the Northwest, 31 people received surplus notices and nine received relocation offers on Tuesday.

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