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1 We Understand the importance of your work and strive to help you succeed.

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2 30 to 90-day pay terms are standard.Streamline your payroll with Transfac help.

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3Account Receivables can get confusing and stressful. Let us take on that task.

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Factoring company for staffing agencies.

A Staffing company’s largest hurdle is payroll. Don’t get caught behind.

If you’re staffing company is sending invoices out, but not receiving payments back in a timely manner. Transfac Capital can help.

We help financing the hump for staffing companies nationwide and understand the your payroll issue more than most specialty financing companies. Transfac Capital has been involve in financing the staffing industry for 70 years and has offered quick financial solutions for staffing companies that are providing services that grow our economy.

If you or your company has experienced outstanding invoices and you need financing now to continue to grow.

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