5 Creative Resumes That You Wish You Had

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David Steed, 2014

Living in the era of the internet, finding a job you want has become increasingly easy to do.  Apply and getting that job however, is another story. Thanks to online job posting sites, forums and recruiting networks most companies aren’t having any problems finding qualified people to fill their positions. According to a New York Times Article, Google receives 20,000 new resumes every week! So when it comes down to competing for the position does your resume stand out?

Here are 5 of the most creative resumes out there right now.


intern lego








intern lego 2








Image source: Neatorama

This creative marketing intern put her skills to work by branding herself before she even entered the position. Her commitment to building (pun intended) a better resume gave her the competitive edge over her peers.


sewn fabric resume








Image Source: Melissa Makes Things

Though this resume isn’t the most high tech, it is definitely one of the most unique. Melissa Washin made these hand sewn, transfer print resumes during her senior year in college. The clothe resume really emphasized Melissa’s affinity for design and as she put it, “I suppose it would be harder to throw away a resume like this.”


qr code





Image Source: Asking Smarter Questions

A young intern looking for a job, Victor Petit, thought of an innovative way to get the interview. Petit’s resume featured a QR code that when scanned by an iphone could be placed over a picture of his face and took the employer to a youtube video of a mouth describing Petit’s skills. Not only was it a resume, it acted almost as a pre-interview meeting for the employer. The video of the resume can be found here.


chocolate bar resume








Image Source: Reddit

This is fancy way to land the interview, bribe your future employer with chocolate! This image has been circulated on Reddit as one of the more unique ways to get a company’s attention. Nicholas (last name not mentioned) has printed all of his skills, contact info and creativity on the back of a chocolate bar. Other popular food items used on the internet include beer, cakes, and cereal boxes.


Interactive resume







Image Source: RLeonardi

This is by far one of the most fun and entertaining resumes out there. Robby Leonardi took his resume to the next level by turning it into a side scroller video game. The format is simple and engaging. By using the main character the employer can cycle through Robby’s skills and work history while finally landing at a contact page at the end of the level.  You can play his resume by clicking the image source link above.

This is what you are up against. How will you stand out?